Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is another operation in MEL which include continuous and batch type gas carburizing, gas nitriding and induction hardening facilities.

Heat treatment equipment also includes Tempering furnaces, Rotary Hearth furnaces with Endothermic gas generator to provide & maintain controlled atmosphere inside furnaces.


Continuous Carburizing Furnaces:

Two PLC based continuous carburizing furnaces are present for Heat Treatment of hypoid, Spur gears and shaft, with double track and computerized control. Both furnaces are equipped with Oxygen Probing system to control internal atmosphere of furnaces to ensure better quality products. These are first of their type in Pakistan

Quenching Presses:       

To maintain flatness, ovality & other dimensions quenching presses are present for hypoid and other gears.

Endo Thermic Gas Generator:

ENDOTHERMIC gas generators for constant supply of atmospheric gas to Gas Carburizing Furnaces for maintaining controlled atmosphere inside the furnaces. 


Batch Type Carburizing Furnaces:

5 Batch Type Sealed Quench furnaces for Heat Treatment of all types of gears, shafts and pinion. Each furnace has oxygen probing system for controlling surface carbon potential of the components during the process which ensures a high standard of quality.


Nitriding Furnace:

Electrically heated furnace for Gas Nitriding of Planetary Ring gears is available.

Rotary Hearth Furnace:       

Gas fired Rotary Hearth furnace for Hardening of gears in inert atmosphere.




Induction Hardening Machines:

Induction hardening equipments of Medium and High frequency, having power range from 35 to 300 KW, for induction of Ring gears and Shafts.


Tempering Furnace:

Continuous and batch type tempering furnaces having temperature range from 0°C - 300°C.

Shot Blasting Machines:

Shot blasting machines are for gears and shafts. The bed dia. of machines ranges from 8 to 10 ft with dust extractor unit.

Sand Blasting Machines:

Manually operated sand blasting machines to clean left over scale in narrow corners.

Phosphating Plant:

There is a line of phosphating process used for gears of differential casings and Couplers.

 Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Plant:

To cater the ongoing gas load shedding crisis & ensure continuous production, Synthetic Natural Gas plant is in working to supply uninterrupted gas supply to the furnaces.