Gears Manufacturing



GROB Cold Rolling Method used for spline cutting. Maximum Spline length of 1000 mm on a 100 mm diameter may be machined. No material wastage and low cycle times make the process extremely productive. Shafts with involute splines may be machined with ease.  


GLEASON machines used for cutting straight & spiral bevel gears. Crown Wheel, Pinion & Differential components produced with high accuracy and surface finish. All pairs are tested before final dispatch to ensure contact pattern & backlash are within range. Production capacity of 90,000 sets per annum is achievable.


  MEL Specializes in Gear Manufacturing. Production line is equipped with gear hobbing & gear shaving machines which can   produce gears from 4.5 to 10 DP. Spur and helical gears with OD between 60 to 200 mm may be produced. Inspection parameters include lead, profile inspection, Composite error inspection and dia. over pin. 



Fellows Gear Shapers used for cutting internal gears. Gears from 4.5 to 10 DP are produced.




2 Axis CNC Turning Centers used for turning, facing, boring & grooving operations. Hard turning operations also performed after Heat Treatment. CNC machining centers can perform all conventional operations. All machines are equipped with FANUC 18T Controllers.


Cylindrical, Surface & Profile grinding machines are available. Internal grinding is performed on diameters from 20 mm up to 200 mm.



Toll Room performs general works such as re sharpening of Hobs, Broaches and also special jobs such as development of Jigs, Fixtures and snap, plug & ring gauges. Lathe, Milling, Drilling, shaping and grinding machines are available.





Re sharpening of Shaving Cutters is done in house on HURTH machine. This unique facility saves the time and cost of outsourcing Shaving cutters for re sharpening. Cutters can be ground up to 10 times for reuse without compromising on quality.